Hitachi VRF Seminar & Dinner


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Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning held their first Hitachi VRF seminar and dinner on 1st November 2018 at Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore.

The event received overwhelmed response with 100% attendance from the different trade customers in Singapore.

During the event, the company announced their collaboration between two big companies, Johnson Controls and Hitachi Air Conditioning solution for the first time. The new entity, Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning is now ready to go into Singapore market. At the same time Tommy Tan, Country Sales Manager of Singapore was given the opportunity to give a speech and introduce the full product line to the trade customers present at the event. During his speech he mentioned “We need to create market by reintroducing the Hitachi VRF!”

At the end of the event, the trade customers not only understand the full product line but also get to meet and interact with the different trade customers. Everyone present had given positive feedback.

This definitely gives Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning a good opportunity into the air conditioning business. With that the company is committed and focused to give their best service to all the customers.




by Hitachi Cooling & Heating
01 Nov 2018

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